Planning Poker Tips For A More Apt Play

Planning poker online is probably the most utilized estimation method, which is utilized across agile teams, yet that does not make it easy for smaller teams to employ it in an effective manner. Small teams have to keep cards, store decks somewhere for future usage, have to spend time and money to purchase the right kind of cards for usage, etc are some of the hurdles small teams face when they attempt to implement planning poker online. However, with a little bit of effort, one can certainly make things easier for them. Read on to discover how.

planning poker online

Small teams have a few problems when it comes to planning poker online. Since the team members are from a relatively small team, they do not have people who can effectively calculate the estimates, or who can even possess the required expertise required for estimating the numbers correctly. This means that even if smaller teams try to get involved in planning poker online, they often end up underestimating or overestimating the winning numbers.

Hence, the first thing to do is to allow each of the team members to take part in the estimation session. Each team member should be given a chance to participate in the estimation session and should be able to give his own estimates of his final number. This will help in everyone’s understanding and hence improve the quality of the estimates, which ultimately will help in planning poker online.

However, there is a potential problem in this. If the estimates that the players give are different from the true numbers, then it might mean that the whole planning poker game is wrong and will yield incorrect results. If the card game is played in an online setting, there is a possibility of getting a negative result. There are times when players might not be able to remember the exact terms of the game and this might lead to underestimating or overestimating the winning chances of a particular hand.

To overcome this, another planning poker tip is that the team members should be allowed to take part in the actual estimation session. They should be allowed to give their honest opinions about their card counting strategies. The team members must not feel pressurized to do so. Rather, the idea is to give them the opportunity to see how they react to pressure and hence come up with their own estimated results.

The best planning poker tip involves a relative estimation technique, which is often overlooked. In this relative estimation technique, players are allowed to deviate from the true hand ranking position once. Players can continue using the current rank position as their measure of success until they reach an uncertainty range, which is indicated on the card. This uncertainty range represents the difference between the true hand and the estimated hand. Once the relative estimates begin to get smaller, players should consider changing their strategy.

To improve this planning poker estimation techniques, a team leader should make sure that his team members understand and accept that they will not get the same satisfaction if their estimates do not meet the expectation. Every time players deviate from the expected result, they should be punished. In some cases, this punishment could be a loss of chips or a warning to stop gambling for a certain period of time. If players still continue to go above and beyond the agreed limitation, a leader may remove them from the table entirely.

All these planning poker tips can help teams develop their game play against other online casinos. However, teams should remember that their best chance of winning lies in adopting quick action. The planning poker technique used by agile teams is far superior to that of conventional teams. Through time, players can learn to read each other’s cards and plan the right moves against their opponents in an online casino.